Episode #3: In the Name of Zalman King

Someone on our podcast is a lifelong fan of writer-producer-director-voyeur Zalman King, he of Red Shoe Diaries (in)fame, and that someone happens to be of the feminine persuasion.  And now the other half of our Massive Dynamic duo (see what I did there?) will ask the question that loomed for so long: Why?… Also on the menu is Anthony vs Roy Dupuis, and it’s already time to start planning Halloween. Press Play and Get Ready!

Note — Anthony was the victim a bowel-movementy mic this week and thus sounds like Charlie Brown with his face stuck in a carboard box. Apologies ahoy!



Episode #2: The Tao of Sharknado

dw2It’s Episode 2 for our shiny new podcast, and coincidentally also for the increasingly popular cinematic franchise about wind-propelled sea predators. It Bites! It Flies! It Gets Reviewed by Anthony and Gyp-C!!! Join us as we get our licks into the second Sharknado, while elsewhere Anthony learns of a real-life Rambo, and Gyp-C wants 80s Mark Harmon to go. Press play and get ready, This Could Get Messy!

Episode #1: Tusk the Two of Us

In the very first episode of our new and improved half-hour podcast, Anthony gives a lecture on Kevin Smith’s anticipated return to film, TuskAlso, we frantically prepare to watch the cinematic event of the year Sharknado 2 The Second One (what an AWESOME title), Gyp-C nails the coffin on the ‘Manos: The Hands of Fate‘ of literature (also known as the Twilight books), and Tequilla Sunrise is exposed for the maspterpiece of boredom that it is. Give it it a listen then hit the comments to let us know what you think or whether you actually went out to buy a flask of Shark by Tara Reid.