Episode #10: She-Wolf & T-Dog

2014-10-26_230608Time flies like a pumpkin as our already-10th episode falls smack on Halloween week. No better time to unleashe Gyp-C’s love for She-Wolf of London, a 90’s fantasy TV show too good to be renewed for a second season. Just like T-Dog is too good a nickname for this French Canadian white boy, apparently… which gives way to a sorrow than can only be drowned by They Came from Outer Space!

Episode #9: Eiffel Towering Inferno

Comment-faire-le-High-FiveOnly on our podcast can pumpkin-flavored food lead to an in-depth lecture on the newest internet fad –Eiffel Towering. While we thank Fitz for that, let’s also survey Anthony’s first impression of CW’s The Flash,  the work of David Lynch spawn Jennifer, and Gyp-C vs the Pumpkinhead sequel.