Episode #19: J’ACCUSE!

episode19This week the messy heads must tackle a very sensitive subject, in a way that is very personal: Vaccination & Autism. Though feathers may be ruffled, our goal is to elevate the level of debate on the subject and give the people it affects the most a soapbox. And if the ruffled feathers are Jenny McCarthy’s, we suggest taking some vitamins, it’s a GREAT cure.

Episode 18: All Tapped Out

episode18A complete unknown gets cast to great fanfare in a huge movie that turns out to be a complete dud. Thus, said previously-unknown becomes a joke that keeps on giving. Who’s to blame, the acting medium or the mediocre actor? The Mess Hall this weeks dissects another one of those internet lists, this time about movies that supposedly killed acting careers. And then add our own little bitchin’.

Look up the list itself, http://io9.com/15-movie-actors-whose-careers-were-killed-by-scifi-and-532347846