Episode 2.01 – Darker Than a Paper Bag

Thanks tdarker than a paper bago everyone who asked it (all one of you…), we are BACK for a second season of our cross-borders disagreements. Our first outing this year sees Gypsy explain to her whiter-than-Heisenberg co-star the difference between black and “Black” as we reflect on the #OscarsSoWhite thingie.


Episode #21 – Roots of a Badass

roots of a badassWE’RE BACK BABY!

The feeling might not be mutual, but we missed our little podcast.. *snif* so now that someone can again resume using the internet, we were able to get some convos going down and return to the strange, fascinating world of making a Pop-Culture podcast.

For our Resurrection podcast (get it? ’cause it’s…you now…Easter and all…) we release our verbal vitriol toward:

-Revisiting classic mini-series, like Roots 

-Shitty Sequels vs Shitty Remakes

-Beauty and the Beast, in all its incarnations

-British David Caruso vs Original “Badass” Caruso

Episode #19: J’ACCUSE!

episode19This week the messy heads must tackle a very sensitive subject, in a way that is very personal: Vaccination & Autism. Though feathers may be ruffled, our goal is to elevate the level of debate on the subject and give the people it affects the most a soapbox. And if the ruffled feathers are Jenny McCarthy’s, we suggest taking some vitamins, it’s a GREAT cure.

Episode 18: All Tapped Out

episode18A complete unknown gets cast to great fanfare in a huge movie that turns out to be a complete dud. Thus, said previously-unknown becomes a joke that keeps on giving. Who’s to blame, the acting medium or the mediocre actor? The Mess Hall this weeks dissects another one of those internet lists, this time about movies that supposedly killed acting careers. And then add our own little bitchin’.

Look up the list itself, http://io9.com/15-movie-actors-whose-careers-were-killed-by-scifi-and-532347846

Episode 17: Sleeping in the Spotlight

episode17In the Messy hall this week is a first-impressions look at the new Broadchurch episodes (aka the UK remake of Gracepoint…) and SyFy’s 12 Monkeys adaptation, thoughts on bringing back Mulder & Scully but NOT Jack Bauer, and what to make of a new take on Strangers on a Train. Oh, and guess just what Gypsy slept during THIS time….

Episode 16: Last Dance with Sarah Jane

Paws-for-a-cause-logo1Sadly we must stray from our pop-culture addiction this week as we mourn the passing of a friend, a confidant, a source of comfort and a guardian of memories. It is with a heavy heart that we say goodbye to Gypsy’s four-legged companion, Lady Sarah Jane.

***We had to take down th episode for a few days due to a technical glitch, which is why you’re seeing it posted again***

Episode #14: Sony n’ Shared

2014-12-22_105009We’d love to talk about Chistmas and the umpteenth coming of Kris Kringle, but this week it’s absolutely impossible to avoid a very specific subejct that’s been on everyone’s mind. That’s right, you guessed it: India Call Centers. And the unfortunate Gracepoint remake. Oh, and something about some company being jacked or something because of some “movie”.